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Meet Rosie

Meet Rosie

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Rosie was a sweet, happy — and mischievous — puppy!
She chewed things up and left puddles in the wrong places.
It took time and training to help her get ready to be a Visiting Dog.

A Visiting Dog needs to get along with other dogs because sometimes they work together.
I made sure Rosie had plenty of time to play with friends.

Rosie spent time with people who were young and people who were old.

Schooling started with Robin Kovary’s Puppy Kindergarten.
Rosie loved her lessons!
After Rosie got her Canine Good Citizenship Certificate,
she was ready for Micky Niego’s Visiting Dog training program.
(Look who’s not paying attention!
Rosie aced the class anyway.)

When it was time for her first visit, Rosie went to the veterinarian and got a bath. A Visiting Dog needs to be healthy and clean.

Here are two of the people Rosie cheered on her visits.

Good work, Rosie!
It’s time for a trip to your favorite place — the beach!

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Photos of Rosie and Lily by Ronnie Schultz, © 2000.
All other photos by Justin Sutcliffe, © 1994, from Rosie, A Visiting Dog’s Story by Stephanie Calmenson