Stephanie Calmenson was a pure delight to work with. Her patience and good humor were so essential while setting up the Zoom session. Her presentation was fun and engaging, and I could tell the kids were enthralled. Stephanie’s books hit just the right marks with our students. They can’t wait until the new installment of the Principal series comes out. Thank you, Stephanie for helping to make this crazy time seem a little bit more normal.

Suzy Mehler, Librarian
Speyer Legacy School, Spring 2020

Stephanie, the students adore you! They’re still glowing. The presentation that you prepared was engaging and perfect for a third grade audience. I love how you included information about genre for the stories that you talked about. Your visit was amazing – impressive and fun, all wrapped in one!!

Kara Longo, Teacher of Technology and Basic Skills
Raritan Valley Elementary School, NJ


Thank you for today’s session.  I loved how you incorporated elements of writing in such an age appropriate manner.  The kids were so attentive, which is always impressive when we are using technology.  

It was such a pleasure working with you. Please give Harry a hug from us. What a cutie!

Susan Kosko
Reading Support Teacher
Carlynton School District, Pittsburgh

Stephanie was kind enough to lead a special story time in our store for a large group of preschoolers. Her teaching background is so apparent when she gets out in front of a group of kids.  She was bright, engaging, funny, and interacted with the kids in that easy way that only comes from years of working with children – those kids were hooked. Everyone had a fantastic time, and we can’t wait to have her back!

Shay McClean
Special Projects Manager
Books of Wonder, New York

The Trumbull Literacy Conference took place for 450 educators across northeast Ohio. They attend yearly to enhance their knowledge of how to teach language arts and how to increase students’ love of literacy. Stephanie Calmenson joined us at the conference and was very much a part of maintaining the high quality of this event.  Her presentation “Writing Picture Books for Children” focused on sharing her perspective on the writing process from idea to finished book. The teachers and supervisors that attended her sessions learned ways to increase student writing in the classroom and, possibly, will inspire some new children’s authors.
    Beyond that working with Stephanie was a pleasure; her ability to relate to teachers, her professional demeanor, and the cooperative nature of her personality made our experience outstanding! Choosing Stephanie to be a part of any literacy event will help to ensure success.

Carol A. Marino, Ph.D. & Pat Agresta
Trumbull County Educational Service Center
Trumbull, Ohio

Anybody looking to inspire, motivate and inform students about writing for children should be lucky enough to have Stephanie visit their class. Aside from the excitement of having a ‘real’ author present, Stephanie helped them work through plot issues, kept them mindful of what’s appropriate for young readers and truly sobered up those who thought a bouncy, engaging and MEANINGFUL story told in rhyme would be easy. They broke out in applause at the end of class….haven’t seen THAT happen in a while.

Pat Cummings
Children’s Book Illustration Instructor
Parsons at the New School, New York

Thanks for your time and love of reading. You captivated the audience with your presentation.

Dr. Victor Ramsey
Educational Administrator/Adjunct Assistant Professor, NYC Department of Education
Board of Directors President, Brooklyn Reading Council

Dear Author Stephanie Calmenson,

On behalf Brooklyn Reading Council and Kappa Delta Pi Eta Theta Chapter, we extend sincere gratitude to you for your dynamic presentation at the Professional Boro-wide Conference. Your presence was awe inspiring and this was echoed by the participants’ comments.

Jennifer Hamilton-McKinnon
President, Brooklyn Reading Council

Stephanie Calmenson is a fabulous visitor in any elementary school. Her books The Frog Principal and The Teeny Tiny Teacher along with other favorites, set the mood for her visit to our school. Ms. Calmenson made three presentations to different age students while she visited Post Road Elementary. She catered each talk to the age of the students she was working with. She spoke of the many steps of the writing process. She led the students through gathering ideas, putting them on paper, creating a first draft, editing the work, editing it again, taking to the publisher, more editing and so on. She had “hands on” materials like her notebooks, edited pieces, and “dummy sheets” to share with the children. There was always time for questions from the students before moving on with the presentation. Ms. Calmenson was always most aware of the audience and she kept them engaged throughout the hour long presentation.

Lori Mollo
2nd Grade Teacher and Author Visit Coordinator
Post Road School
White Plains, New York

Dear, dear Stephanie,

Thank YOU!! You were terrific. You’ve gotten nothing but raves from the teachers, students, and of course, the Principal – so pleased and proud to have had Harry cuddle up with her!
    Your presentation was so useful, so practical, and so fun! And it was just great how you tailored it so well to the age of your audience. I wish, obviously, that we didn’t have to rush you through your visiting time, but you handled it all so well and were completely unflappable, even when we had to sit in the lobby with basketballs hitting the door and lines of kids rushing backwards and forwards! (That was a bit less than ideal, wasn’t it?)

Thanks again –

PTA Program Coordinator
P.S. 40, New York City

On her two visits to Baker Elementary School in Great Neck NY, Ms. Calmenson provided very stimulating presentations to the first graders and kindergartners. She used highly illustrated slides and powerpoint to teach the children how a book is written and made sure to incorporate language and terms that complemented classroom instruction. Her easy, humorous manner and snappy pace enthralled both teachers and students. Ms. Calmenson’s training as an early childhood teacher was evident, as was her sincere interest in her young audience’s questions. It was a pleasure to prepare the children and teachers for Ms. Calmenson’s visit because she has a wealth of published work that provided rich lessons for the first graders and kindergartners both in the library and in the classroom. She was a hit and has been invited back for a third visit!

Elizabeth H. Barouh
Former School Library Media Specialist
Elizabeth M. Baker Elementary School
Great Neck, New York

Stephanie Calmenson gifted author:

I have had the wonderful opportunity of having Stephanie Calmenson visit my school for an author talk.
Stephanie brings her warmth, humor and writing skills and presents them in an accessible way to children. My students were in grades K-3 and they were all touched by her books. She was engaging throughout her presentation. Her power point presentation was visually interesting to the children and generated many student questions. Stephanie has a special gift of making each student feel important. Her books are fun for all to read no matter what age and her compassion and love for animals is present in all her work.
    Stephanie’s visit was even more special because she brought her wonderful dog Harry to meet the children and she reinforced her book “May I Pet Your Dog?” She is a professional gifted speaker and a joy to have as a guest.

Dorry Silvey
Wainscott School
Wainscott, New York


Thank you again for coming to Baker today. Teachers and students continue to rave about you and your books as the afternoon speeds by!

Today was a delight—I so enjoyed having you here and gleaning all the wisdom you have to offer to aspiring writers!   Enjoy your weekend!

Margaret L. Dooley
Library Media Specialist
E. M. Baker School
Great Neck, New York

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you so much for visiting our school. Your presentation was outstanding and the 2nd graders were most lucky to have you. Also, your rounds with Harry in the classes were talked about by students and teachers alike!
 It was great meeting you! I, myself, enjoyed your visit very much!


Taly Johnson
Library Media Specialist
P.S. 40, New York

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for coming to Spence to talk to the First Grade. You were absolutely wonderful! One of the best presentations I have ever seen. I hope we can have you come again. Your books are delightful. Thank you ever so much.


Doris Cottam
Head of Lower School
The Spence School, New York City