Stephanie Calmenson, Children's Book Author

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Stephanie, the students adore you! They’re still glowing…Your visit was amazing—impressive and fun, all wrapped in one!

—Kara Longo, Raritan Elem. School, NJ

Stephanie Calmenson was a pure delight to work with. Her patience and good humor were so essential while setting up the Zoom session…the kids were enthralled…Thank you, Stephanie for helping make this crazy time a little bit more normal.

—Suzy Mehler, Librarian, Speyer Legacy School, Spring 2020

Her teaching background is so apparent when she gets out in front of a group of kids. She was bright, engaging, funny, and interacted with the kids in that easy way that only comes from years of working with children—those kids were hooked. Everyone had a fantastic time, and we can’t wait to have her back!

—Shay McClean, Special Projects Manager, Books of Wonder, NY