Stephanie Calmenson, Children's Book Author

BEST DOG BOOKS – Q & A with Stephanie Calmenson

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No Dogs Allowed!

AOB: Who is your key dog character(s) and what kind of dog is he/she?

* Kate and Lucie are mixed breed dogs. Wait, now they’re girls. No, they’re dogs! Girls…dogs… girls…dogs! Well, when they’re dogs, Kate is a…

“Page 69 is a great page to happen upon even though it’s a full page illustration instead of text because it depicts a madcap scene in the book. Kate and Lucie are best friends and each of them loves dogs and wants to have one, but can’t. One day, at their local thrift shop, The Lucky Find, they try on two sparkly pink dog bone necklaces and discover they’re magic. With a POP! and a WHOOSH! Kate and Lucie turn into dogs.”

Coffee With a Canine

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Pushcart Coffee

How were you and Harry united?

“There once was a puppy nobody wanted. I was told his chocolate-dappled coat wasn’t a desirable color for a dachshund. (Really??) He was tweenie-size, instead of mini. (Shame on you, puppy!) He was getting a little old. (Aren’t we all.) (Coffee With a Canine.)”

NEW YORK TIMES: A Shaggy Human Story

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“Rosie the visiting dog enters the Village Nursing Home on Hudson and West 12th Streets softly, slowly, pridefully. She may look like a black-and-white throw rug ….” Robert Lipsyte, NY Times


AOB: What inspired you to write this story?
* I wanted to share Rosie’s story in the hope of getting more people involved in Visiting Dog programs. Rosie’s brought so much joy to…