There are No Moose on this Island!

There are No Moose on this Island!
ASIN: 1934031348

Illustrated by Jennifer Thermes

Jake’s excited about going on a trip to an island, and he really, really, really wants to see a moose. But his dad insists: There are no moose on this island. Join the fun as Jake—and a chatty moose! -- show dad how to look past the guide book to see the beauty right before his eyes.

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About the Book
Jake’s excited about going on a trip to an island, and he really, really, really wants to see a moose. But his dad insists that there are no moose on this island. But both Jake and a friendly moose would like to disagree! In playful rhymes, author Stephanie Calmenson brings the reader along with Jake and his dad, as they explore the mammals, birds, insects, and sea life on and around the island. With graceful illustrations by Jennifer Thermes, Jake”and the reader”start to see the moose, a little bit at a time, but Dad’s either got his nose in a book or binoculars glued to his eyes. In the end, it’s Jake who shows his dad the value of putting aside the guidebook and ferry schedule to truly experience the beauty and magic of the outdoors.


“A young boy out with his father is certain that he will spot a moose. So is the moose. After their ferry docks on a small Maine island, the boy tries very hard to convince his father that a moose is nearby in the woods. The father, his nose planted firmly in a guidebook, says no. They see many animals, fish and insects as they walk about. The smiling moose is quite chatty and offers frequent clues in speech bubbles (“What am I? A mouse?”). Finally, he poses in full double-spread splendor… Calmenson writes in quatrains with a humorous point of view…the story is entertaining and would serve as a good introduction to family outings. A valuable reminder to enjoy the outdoors and keep an eye out for possibilities! (Meet the Moose facts, author’s note)”   Kirkus

“A father takes his son to the wilderness on an island off the coast of Maine, but the parent spends more time reading his guidebook than paying attention to the wildlife. In the end, it’s young Jake who teaches the value and enjoyment of nature. Gorgeously painted seals, hawks, deer, and squirrels prance across these pages, and the humorous rhyme and rhythm of the text hops playfully as well. Both a fun and important read.” Foreword Reviews

“…rhyming text and gentle color illustrations spin a charming story about enjoying the beautiful outdoors, enhanced at the end with a handful of fun facts about moose!”
Midwest Book Review


Moonbeam Award 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner
“Celebrating Youthful Curiosity, Discovery and Learning through Books and Reading”




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