Stephanie Calmenson, Children's Book Author

Rockin’ Rockets (Book 2)

Rockin’ Rockets (Book 2)

Illustrated by James Burks 

Best friends Amy and Allie do absolutely everything together. But a new girl has moved to their neighborhood and she's been inviting them to do really great things—separately. Not only that, the most exciting concert's coming up and she has only one extra ticket.  Which friend will get to go?  Will it be Allie?  Will it be Amy?  Will they have their first fight ever?  

Even in the midst of their troubles, this Allie and Amy adventure is as lively and funny as ever.

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About the Book
Series: The Adventures of Allie and Amy, Book 2
Publisher: Aladdin (QUIX)
ASIN: 1534452540
ISBN: 9781534452541
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