Ollie’s School Day: A Yes-and-No Book

Ollie’s School Day: A Yes-and-No Book
Series: Ollie’s Yes-and-No, Book 1
ASIN: 0823423778

Illustrated by Abby Carter

Children will laugh their way through this interactive story while learning about school routines. What will Ollie do at story time? Will he go for a swim in the sink? NO! Will he put on skates and zip around the room? NO! Find out what Ollie does in this Kirkus starred title.

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Book 1: Ollie’s School Day

“An interactive look at a young boy’s school day teaches those new to school about routines and manners. Calmenson, a former kindergarten teacher, savvily encourages the youngest listeners to chime in and be part of the reading process, inviting them in from the very first page… Readers are sure to catch the pattern and relish shouting out the answers… after they finish giggling at the silly scenarios…. Will this be a popular and raucous first-day-of-school favorite? YES!” — Kirkus, starred review

“Kids love answering silly questions, but the questions in Ollie’s School Day: A YES-and-NO Book aren’t silly for silly’s sake — they’ll help kids to learn about social skills and positive classroom behavior in a fun way! Stephanie Calmenson’s humorous call-and-response text and Abby Carter’s zany illustrations are impossible to resist. This wacky read-aloud covers it all without sounding the least bit preachy. Kids will have a blast figuring out everything from what to wear to school (certainly not a bathing suit or a police officer’s uniform!) and what to eat for breakfast to how to greet a classmate in the morning (barking is definitely not recommended!) and what to do when the teacher asks a question.” — Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club

“Who is more intrigued by school than a preschooler? And who loves silliness more than a preschooler? This call-and-response book should appeal mightily to young readers as it’s pretty much a dress rehearsal for getting ready for school and then behaving once there…Besides being fun, this book subtly but clearly introduces playground and classroom etiquette, making it a good choice for both home and the classroom.” — Booklist

“A playful question-and-answer format leads viewers through Ollie’s day at school…youngsters will find many of the alternative responses laugh-out-loud funny. Silliness aside, there is also a strong understory here about appropriate school behavior, making this a great selection for reviewing classroom expectations…Because there is a lot of literal text to image matching, non-readers have the option of retelling the story by following the pictures. Readers aloud will find ample opportunity to improvise and add other silly suggestions throughout the reading, making this as adaptable as it is amusing.” — Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

“Madcap cartoons embellish a series of questions about a young boy’s day at school. Will Ollie’s breakfast be a bowl of bubblegum, fishy-flavor ice cream, a sour pickle, or a bowl of cereal? From waking to story time, riding the bus and coming home, children are offered three amusing options at each juncture, followed by sedate reality. Calmenson cleverly ends the day with Ollie being met at home by “someone who loves him,” accommodating an audience’s variety of after-school greeters. Carter’s watercolors play with the text and add hilarity with wee portraits like a fish wearing boots and a squirrel lounging under a beach umbrella. This gentle tutorial in school behavior effectively employs call-and-response to engage listeners.” — School Library Journal

“Never has a child approached the first day of school with naysaying or negativism! But if one did, he might appreciate Calmenson’s gently humorous approach to appropriate student behavior. For every step in the school day, the reader is asked what Ollie should do in a given situation… Whether a parent decides to pre-emptively go over potential pitfalls before school starts or a teacher offers remedial work once in session, would-be model pupils will enjoy the call-and-response.” — The New York Times


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