No Honking Allowed!

No Honking Allowed!
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Hardcover
ASIN: 0823436721
ISBN: 9780823436729

Illustrated by AntonGionata Ferrari
Rex, the dinosaur, thinks honking is fun! Riding in his shiny red dino-car he honks to warn a speeding driver to slow down, to say hello to a friend, and to stop a litterbug. “No honking allowed!” says his dino-buddy Stego.

When a fire truck gets stuck in traffic, will it be Rex who saves the day? Will he learn that there's a time to honk and a time to keep your hand off the horn?

Maybe. Or maybe dinosaurs in books get to have a little extra fun. Come along on this rhyming, high-energy joyride and see. Honk!

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Blue Ox ReviewBest Books 2017: Read Alouds
“For a rhyming, boisterous read aloud for the very young, one can’t miss with Stephanie Calmenson. Calmenson, author of the classic Dinner at Panda Palace, (Harper, 1991) brings us delightful wordplay and onomatopoeia as Stego and Rex “vroom” and “screech” through inner city traffic…Antongionata Ferrari’s exhuberant cartoon ink and water color illustrations capture the cacophony of the urban landscape as the “honks” of the cars and the “WOO,WOO WOO, WEE OOO, WEEE,EEEOOOEEEOOO” of the sirens dance across the page….the dinosaurs aren’t gendered, a welcome respite from the overwhelming maleness of children’s book protagonists.   Lisa Von Drasek, Blue Ox Review

“Ferrari’s exuberant illustrations fill the pages, capturing the energy and bustle of busy city streets crammed with cars…the text, with its controlled vocabulary, is ideal for emergent readers…VERDICT A great, funny read-aloud.”   School Library Journal

“Rex’s charm and Stego’s worrywart concerns battle it out for dominion in the hearts of child readers…..the simple wordplay allows this to double as both a read-aloud and a text for emerging readers….Put pedal to the metal and read this as fast as wheels will allow”   Kirkus Reviews


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