Look! Fish!

Look! Fish!
Series: Look!

Illustrated by Puy Pinillos

Lively, fact-filled rhymes and beautiful illustrations introduce readers to fish, from the common to the rare. There are "whiskered" catfish, colorful parrot fish, glowing lantern fish, graceful flying fish, poisonous lionfish, giant whale sharks, tiny dwarf pygmy gobies, and more. The book closes with an informative end note and a gatefold with more fish to see.

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About the Book

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Little readers visit the world under the sea. The ocean is a remarkable place, and this board book relishes exploring it. Each new page features a different fish, and each fish gets a stanza in an abcb rhyme scheme. The final page steps away from verse to offer in prose some basic facts about fish in general. Bright and colorful seascapes are occupied by artfully rendered sea creatures and aquatic plants that look fluid and lifelike. Little readers will pore over this one for a long time, soaking all of the art in one page at a time. Two concurrently published board books entitled Look! Flowers! and Look! Birds! provide similar treatment for their subjects. Each is just as colorful as this board book, and each maintains the abcb rhyme scheme followed by a similar block of informative text on the final page. A beautiful introduction to the residents of the ocean.
– Kirkus Reviews
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