Stephanie Calmenson, Children's Book Author
Stephanie Calmenson and Rosie

Here’s a picture of me
with my DOG, Rosie.

Growing up, I loved my special pencil.

Young Stephanie with favorite pencil

But I no idea I would become a WRITER. In fact, writing scared me!

Life is full of surprises.

A shelf of Stephanie Calmenson's books

I’ve written over 100 books!

Rosie at the computer

I started with my ideas, paper, and a new special pencil.
Later I got a computer. Wait…that’s not me. It’s Rosie!

Stephanie and Rosie

That’s better.
Writing can be a lonely job. There are no teachers, kids, or other people around. A pet makes good company.

I spend much of my day writing. 
Anything and anyone can inspire me. I even wrote a book about

You know who! Woof!Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story

Rosie at Disney

When I’m proud of the story, I share it with an editor. Come meet Thea Feldman at Disney Press. OOPS! What’s Rosie doing there?
I hope Thea won’t mind.

Rosie with Thea Feldman at Disney Press

Whew! Thea’s happy to meet Rosie. (Who wouldn’t be, right?)

Thea Feldman of Disney Press

Editors help writers make their stories as good as they can be.
Um, excuse me Rosie, that is not your chair.

Stephanie, Rosie, and Thea Feldman

Good news! Thea likes my story! She wants to publish it!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Rosie is an official Mouseketeer!

Good news for Rosie, too. She’s an official Mouseketeer! Go, Rosie!


Editors, art directors, and illustrators are some of the people who work hard to turn a story I write into a bookyou read.

To each of them I say,

And thank YOU for visiting my site.
Do YOU like to WRITE? Do YOU want to TRY?
Here’s an IDEA:
Imagine ROSIE is your dog.
Where will you take her? What will happen there?
Write a STORY or a POEM. Draw PICTURES, too.

Here’s a poem I wrote about Rosie.

Rosie wearing her collar

by Stephanie Calmenson

I have a shaggy dog named Rose.
She has hair that grows and grows
And grows and grows.
Past her eyes, past her nose
It goes way down to her toes.
Can she see? I don’t suppose —
Unless, of course, a big wind blows!

Poem copyright ©1994 by Stephanie Calmenson. Reprinted from Give a Dog a Bone written with Joanna Cole, published by Scholastic Books.

Thank you for sending me your drawings. I love them!

Would you like to hear me say and talk about my name?
It’s long — 18 letters.

Top and bottom photos by Justin Sutcliffe © 1994,
 from Rosie, A Visiting Dog’s Story by Stephanie Calmenson