Hi, Kids!


Editors, art directors, illustrators, and printers are two of the people who work hard to turn a story I write into abook

you read.


To each of them I say,



And thank YOU for visiting my site.

Do YOU like to WRITE? Do YOU want to TRY?

Here’s an IDEA:

Imagine ROSIE is your dog.

Where will you take her? What will happen there?

Write a STORY or a POEM. Draw PICTURES, too.


Thank you for sending me your drawings.

I love them!


Would you like to hear me say and talk about my name?

It’s long — 18 letters.

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Activities pages to come. Please visit again!

Top and bottom photos by Justin Sutcliffe © 1994,
 from Rosie, A Visiting Dog’s Story by Stephanie Calmenson

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