No Honking Allowed!
No Honking Allowed!
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Hardcover
ASIN: 0823436721
ISBN: 9780823436729
Illustrated by AntonGionata Ferrari

Rex, the dinosaur, thinks honking is fun! Riding in his shiny red dino-car he honks to warn a speeding driver to slow down, to say hello to a friend, and to stop a litterbug. “No honking allowed!” says his dino-buddy Stego.

When a fire truck gets stuck in traffic, will it be Rex who saves the day? Will he learn that there's a time to honk and a time to keep your hand off the horn?

Maybe. Or maybe dinosaurs in books get to have a little extra fun. Come along on this rhyming, high-energy joyride and see. Honk!
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About the Book


“At last, an answer to that long-standing question: would you trust a T. rex in the driver’s seat? Bespectacled, bescarved Rex is all too happy to show his staid and steady pal Stego all the noises his sporty roadster makes. His favorite? The honk. Alas, honking is explicitly forbidden according to copious signage and Stego’s unwavering commitment to the rules. Yet when a fire truck must make way, Rex at last lets loose with a torrent of emergency-excused honks. Lesson learned? Not even slightly. It’s fabulous to see a character with glasses depicted as the one with the impulse-control issues in a book. Rex’s charm and Stego’s worrywart concerns battle it out for dominion in the hearts of child readers. The aptly named Ferrari’s watercolors neatly capture both Rex’s joie de vivre and the madcap energy of the city…The rhyming text’s scansion also works consistently, and the simple wordplay allows this to double as both a read-aloud and a text for emerging readers….it’s hard to resist the sheer exuberant id of the hero and his superego stand-in best friend. Put pedal to the metal and read this as fast as wheels will allow.   — Kirkus Reviews”   Kirkus


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